Nevada Firearms Club

Welcome to Nevada Firearms Club serving our sports men and women who own Firearms.

When you became or become a firearm owner here in Nevada, you already joined as a social club member. A firearm club of adults that understand your firearm is a tool for Protection, Sport and/or Hunting.

We are a resource for you. You will find information that can and will enhance your life as a Firearm Owner. You may know of, or you may be holding your own Nevada Firearm Event(s). Let us know about these upcoming events. We will let our fellow members know.

Why have so many Firearm Owners become members of the Nevada Firearms Club?

Here are a few reasons:

Want to be informed about upcoming Nevada Firearm Events

Want to let others know about upcoming Nevada Firearm Events

Want to receive the Firearm Owners Today magazine mailed to their home or office

An ongoing resource designed to inform you as a Firearm Owner herein Nevada

These are just a few reasons why our membership keeps growing. We started off with a small group called Firearm Owners Today, with 180K+ members statewide based on mentorship and events. That was in 2012 when our founder and chairman Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins moved to Nevada from Arizona. In 2021 we’ve grown to over 300K+ and came with our publication with the same name, Firearm Owners Today. The jump in services and membership mainly came, when Mr. Hawkins formed Hawkins for Nevada Foundation, Inc. 501 (c) (3) to support those who, support others throughout greater Nevada.